Fumoto Oil Drain Valve Cutaway

A couple of years ago I ran across a unique little Fumoto oil drain valve that makes my oil changes SOOOOO much easier. This valve is designed to replace your oil pan plug, and it's nearly impossible to open unless you INTEND to open it (as at oil change time).

When it comes time for an oil change, rather than unscrewing your oil pan plug (and ending up with oil all over your hands and the plug in your drain pan), you simply open the Fumoto valve, which directs the oil stream right where you want it. Want to be even more precise draining your oil? Get the valve with an additional nipple for attaching a small drain hose.

Using this method, you can actually drain your oil right into a quart or gallon bottle with a lid. Just connect your hose at oil change time, put the other end into the top of your container and open the Fumoto valve. When the oil level reaches near the top of your container, close the valve, pull the hose and put on your cap. Grab another container, put the hose into the top, open the Fumoto oil drain valve and repeat the process.

No mess, no muss, no fuss. Simple.

The Fumoto Oil Drain Valve costs just $20 to $30 for most vehicles, and it's VERY well manufactured. I highly recommend it to anyone who does their own oil changes. I wouldn't be without one for my own oil changes.

Where to Buy a Fumoto Oil Drain Valve?

You can purchase directly from the company, at QuickOilDrainValve.com, but you can also purchase it through Amazon for the same price. Personally, when I can, if the price is pretty similar, I almost always will purchase through Amazon, just simply because of their great customer service.

A Cheaper Alternative

This is not necessarily a recommendation, since I haven't used the following product, and have had an excellent experience with the Fumoto Valve. However, if you are interested in a somewhat less expensive alternative to the Fumoto Valve, the Fram SureDrain is an available option.

For about $6 less than the Fumoto, the Fram SureDrain offers similar functionality AND the drainhose. However, it's a Fram product, and I'm not necessarily a huge Fram fan. Just another option, in case the pricetag for the Fumoto seems a bit steep. If it was me, I'd spring for the extra and get the Fumoto.

See the Fumoto Oil Drain Valve in Action

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