Which Engine Oil is Best?

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Which Engine Oil is Best?


You no longer have to guess which motor oil is best. Now you have a tool that will tell you, objectively. Search, sort, filter & view the technical specifications for over 1,000 different conventional, synthetic and blended motor oils in mere seconds. Rank them by our proprietary quality score if you want to simplify your life even further.

Plus, keep track of your own oil analysis reports or view those of others to see how oils REALLY perform in the real world. Tech specs are one thing, and they are a useful method of gauging oil quality, but they aren't perfect. Oil analysis doesn't lie. It will tell you just how well a certain motor oil holds up over time, and the more oil analyses we have in the database, the more useful that feature will be.

Check it out today. Register for a free account and see just how easy it has become to find out which engine oil is best for just about any application, in a matter of mere seconds.