Where there is cement, there is a cement silo which is conducive to cement storage. Cement is the main gelled material in concrete. Therefore ready mixed concrete batching plant, it has significant influence on concrete quality. The key point of controlling cement is the stability control.

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1. We should adopt the cement from same manufacturer and brand as much as we can. Cement from different manufacturers has some differences in its composition and properties. If we often change cement brand, it is not good for engineering and technical personnel to master and use it.

2. We should use the cement that is produced from rotary kiln production. In general, cement produced by rotary kiln especially large scale rotary kiln has stable quality, which means mineral composition fluctuation is small. It is advantageous to control the quality of commercial concrete .

3. We should combine cement strength with standard deviation, standard consistency water consumption, initial and final setting time, the adaptability of the majority of water reducing agent, slump loss, etc. We evaluate the cement quality comprehensively, so fine quality cement has a good effect on the evaluation.

4. We use statistical method to evaluate the stability of cement. According to the result DMP mixer planetary, we decide the mixture ratio of concrete. The result also can be as the evidence of adjustment.