Concrete mixer is the special machinery that mixes the raw materials including cement, sand and gravel and water into concrete. And these raw materials are evenly mixed according to a certain ratio. The main tasks of concrete mixer are generally recognized as the following.

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1. Concrete mixer can make the components distribute evenly, which can achieve uniformity on the macroscopic and microscopic.

2. Concrete mixer destroys the reunion phenomenon of cement particles, which can ensure water infiltration on every particle surface. Therefore, the dispersion phenomenon is promoted.

3. Concrete mixer damages thin film wrapping layer on the surface of cement particles compound. Consequently concrete mixer machine, the cement particles can be combined with other materials, which eventually form ideal hydration products.

4. Because of the thin layer of dust and clay covered on the aggregate surface, it impedes the formation of bonding layer. Therefore, the collision and rubbing against each other among materials should be made in order to reduce the effects of dust film.

5. The crossover frequency of motion numbers and traveling trajectory involved all kinds of compound materials should be promoted in order to accelerate uniformity.