There are over 1300 motor oils listed in The Motor Oil Evaluator tech specs database. This is a tremendous amount of data, and, as a member of the site (paid or free), you have access to ALL that data.

However, free members of the site will only see brand/product names for half the oils in any given listing. Depending upon your needs, this may or may not be an issue for you. If it is, there is a simple solution, which doesn't have to be all that expensive.

Upgrade to Display ALL Brand/Product Names

You can view all of these brand and product names as well as access numerous additional features for as little as $2, by simply heading over to the "upgrade page" and upgrading your membership to one of our higher level membership options.

An Alternative (and FREE) Option

If you really can't afford the small price of an upgrade to help keep this site going and top keep it up to date, I don't want you to be completely without the data you may need. You'll find below a link to a static PDF copy of all of the motor oil physical properties data (for all 1300 oils) with no brand or product names blocked out.

Obviously, this data is not sortable or filterable, and it may not be listed in the order you'd like to see it, BUT, it DOES contain all of the physical properties data available through the motor oil comparison data interface. I ask only that you treat this information with the respect it deserves and please do not distribute it freely online. It has taken me hundreds of hours to create this site and takes dozens of hours to keep the data up-to-date.

Please do not take the data and freely distribute it without my permission. At least link people to this site to get the data. Thank you.

Download 71 Page Tech Specs PDF


For Platinum Members Only

Platinum members of the site will see below another download button. This one is a large 120 Mb zip file that contains all of the motor oil technical data sheets directly from the manufacturers themselves (in PDF format). They are categorized into folders by manufacturer. Over 1,000 documents, representing over 1300 different motor oils.

Whether you want to verify the data in the online database, to keep me honest, or you simply want to see if there is any additional, useful information available on the data sheet that didn't make it into the database, this file will be your war chest. It, literally, took me two full work-weeks to find and download all of these spec sheets for input into the online database. You'll have all of it sitting on your hard drive within just minutes - IF you're a Platinum Member of the site.

If you're not a Platinum Member of the site, see the "Feature Upgrade Page" to see if you're still eligible to take advantage of the special half price Lifetime offer.

Otherwise, if you're a Platinum member already, simply click the button below to download the ZIP file. Then, simply place the zip file into a folder on your desktop labeled "tech specs" or something similar and unzip it. All of the individual folders (one for each motor oil brand) will immediately be present within this "tech specs" folder and inside of each of these folders will be the data sheets direct from the manufacturer.

NOTE: Pay careful attention to the instructions in the previous paragraph regarding creating a specific folder on your computer to place this ZIP File INSIDE OF. If you do not, wherever you unzip this file, you'll end up with about 50 new folders (one for each motor oil brand), which can create quite a clutter.