Why i can't quit Newport cigarette
I am the kind of person who is determined to give best cigarettes up smoking and finally determined not to quit.Previously, I was determined to quit smoke Nepwort regular cigarette.?The reasons are as following:First of all, it is a waste of money, the second, it is harmful to health, the most important reason is that i am afraid of ?bring the??pollution to others for their breath. So I determined to quit. The nose is pure, but the heart is really in pain to the extreme.
My friend learned this and feel very worried about me, he advised: "why bother "YTDFSGFGCUEYAB" to accommodate themselves, in fact, the smoke contains a lot of life experience." Think carefully, is also, life is like a Newport short cigarette? Cigarettes through the fire lit, after the draw in our throat into the chest, then turned into a wisp capri cigarettes of smoke spit, in hovering above us, ashes to ashes, that smoke are slowly disappearing, a trace does not see, look at our hands, just a mustard irrelevant butts. Life is not so? Tobacco like life is lit the fire of time, are we a mouthful slowly swallowed, brewing in the womb fermentation like, then condensed into or turbid or clear smoke, heavily vomit out. Will no longer find it not, left us but is is irrelevant to us cigarette butts and precipitation in our belly of tar and the only.So we no longer have the pack of cigarettes essence of life.
Thanks marlboro cigarettes to the ancestors of the 16th century in China, they crossed the ocean and introduced tobacco -- this is really an unprecedented great pioneering work, make younger commonplace as I, have the opportunity to share the nose and mouth in the cheapusacigs.com serve. Burning a Newport Menthol regular, swallow a mouth inside, a cloud of smoke with hint of fragrance and a touch of bitterness, along the pipe rolling into the chest, fermentation, swelling, collision, another example of global travel traveller, carrying along the harvest joy and bumpy.When you feel lonely, the smoke just like your lover, give people endless lingering;when you are helpless, the smoke is a bosom friend, give some comfort; when you are wild, smoke can add to the fun; when you are discouraged, smoke can be cheer up your ambition. Relatives and friends together, pass a cigarette to?greet each other, especially intimacy, smoke into the emotional communication and friendship of the media.smoke really taking human joys and sorrows of life.So, smoking is also a good experience of our life. Those people who smoke, how can they quit!