The health hazards of passive smoking
Passive smoking refers to non-smokers inhale the smoke exhaled by smokers and smoke from burning cigarettes, also known as "involuntary smoking" or suction "passive smoking."

Passive smoking does not exist "safe exposure" level, some people think, as long as the small number of smokers, room size is large enough, can be reduced to a minimum harm, or even no harm, that is to say, there is a "safe exposure" level. But scientific evidence that passive smoking does not exist "safe exposure" level.Buy cigarettes online in our cheap online cigarettes wholesale store.

Current air purification device can remove large dust particles, tiny particles can not be cleared, but can not remove second-hand smoke in a variety of toxic gases.Our Online Cigarettes Store offers Marlboro and Newport cigarettes wholesale service.

Because second-hand smoke contains many can quickly irritate and damage the lining of the respiratory tract compounds, even brief contact, can also cause damage to the respiratory tract of healthy people, blood viscosity increases, intimal "YTDFSGFGCUEYFA" damage and other serious consequences. Therefore, passive smoking can cause lung cancer smoke Similarly, chronic Newport 100s Cigarettes obstructive pulmonary disease, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, and newport cigarettes other serious diseases such as cancer, can be a health hazard, especially pregnant women, infants and children.Cheap Online Cigarettes Wholesale Store.

"First-hand smoke", "passive smoking" harm we all know, "first hand smoke" wholesale cigarettes that direct smokers, "passive smoking" that does not smoke, but passive smoking, that smoking affected people person, then what is the "third-hand smoke" it? "Third-hand smoke" means after smokers "puff" remain in the clothes, walls, carpets, furniture and even hair and skin surface of the tobacco residue.

The tobacco residues may be present for days, weeks or even months, and they also contain a variety of toxic ingredients in cigarettes. And children vulnerable to harm "third-hand smoke", because the child's weight in relation to adults is low, the same level of greater harm to children caused by toxic newport cigarettes coupons substances.

And because of its good activities, it is more likely to close contact with the residue of harmful substances in the environment. Since the immune system in infants and children more vulnerable, more likely to be exposed harm "third-hand smoke", when they crawl or play on the floor, the carpet, the easy access to these tobacco residues, the most direct consequence causing the infant's respiratory system problems, such as acute bronchitis, asthma. Therefore, simply kids and smoking fumes isolation, and can not really protect the child. Even smoking outdoors, nicotine smokers family the baby's body is still a baby than non-smoking family seven times higher.