Motor Oil Bible Download FreeThe shorter, 120 page version of "The Motor Oil Bible" is now available as a free download.

This version of the book is not a "time limited" version. It doesn't have "partial chapters" to force you to upgrade in order to get any useful information.

It's actually a very complete book all by itself with a ton of useful information. And now, you can download it absolutely free.

This FREE Motor Oil Bible Download Discusses:

  • Viscosity- Monogrades vs Multigrades, how to understand the numbers, problems with multi-viscosity motor oils, the solution - pretty much everything you could want to know about motor oil viscosity.
  • Is Synthetic Right for YOU- Older vehicles, low mileage drivers, leasing, extended drains
  • Other Synthetic Oil FAQs- Switching from petroleum to synthetic, compatibility, when to switch, when not to, how to switch, oil pressure
  • General Motor Oil FAQs- How to choose, motor oil types, basestocks, which viscosity, comparing the specs
  • Why to Change Oil - Or Not- Discussing the issues surrounding short vs long drain intervals, companies offering long drain oils, why some are still calling for 3-5K changes, warranty issues.
  • Change Your Oil the RIGHT WAY! - A chapter solely devoted to making your oil changes as simple as possible, either through modifying your procedure or by acquiring a few specific "labor saving devices (or both).

Peak Inside The Motor Oil Bible Free Version


Outdated Versions of the Book

You can find another version of "The Motor Oil Bible" available for download all over the net for free, but, be aware it is an older, outdated version of the book - one that I began offering as a free download a number of years ago because I felt the information was still useful, but a too dated to continue to charge money for.

Recently, that version was completely overhauled with numerous revisions, updates and expansions of the content. The new version is well over 300 pages long, and you can read more about it on "The Motor Oil Bible" info page.

This shorter, free download is a compilation of selected portions from that larger work. Obviously, you can purchase the full version if you like (which would make me very happy :). But, depending upon your needs, this free download MAY be enough information for you - and, it's MUCH more up to date than the free download floating around the internet.

However, if you're interested in that older version, a quick search for "motor oil bible" on Google will likely come up with many links to sites that are offering this outdated version of my book.

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