With the speeding up of comprehensively deepening reform and urbanization, the phenomenon “countryside in city” that is between city and countryside has appeared, which simultaneously leads to management disorder. And the layout and structure are confusing. Infrastructure is not improved or there is even no infrastructure. These problems are increasing prominent such as Sanitation, fire safety, security SICOMA MPC mixer planetary, family planning and so on.

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Therefore reform is bound to happen. If we want to create beautiful environment concrete mixer machine price concrete mixing plant for sale, we necessarily restart plan and layout. So color brick machine equipment can play a big role in the process. Using construction wastes, the brick machine can produce all kinds of bricks which can beautify the city.

At present, rural construction has low efficiency and heavily destroys farmland. The reasons are various. On the one hand, the management and planning are backward for a long time; on the other hand, the natural villages are scattered sparsely. Most villagers mainly give priority to distributed and independent type. Some old bases occupy a large amount of arable land. And the hollow villages are common. With the notion change of young people in countryside, many young people go to cities to make a living, leaving the elderly who work on the farmland with sunrise and sunset to continue the cultivation mode. Another problem is the higher housing price in cities. Migrant workers can not enjoy the policies of low-rent housing, economy applicable room, etc. It is difficult for them to settle down in cities, so they are living “amphibious” way of life.

Under these backgrounds, using brick machines to finish urbanization is necessary. They are low cost and environmental protection.